Buy stacks buy stacks..noooooo

Hello Everyone, I am using RW 8.9.9. and recently something happened while I was sleeping. My stacks are NOT WORKING, and I purchased the STACKS BUNDLE "AGAIN $59.95 installed everything, and every time I open my page, or even start a new page and add stacks it keeps telling me to BUY STACKS.
What steps do I need to do to resolve this situation?..HELP

Hi Vivian,

It’s rather confusing, but there are two products called stacks - the engine (Stacks, with a capital S) that makes the blocks work is made by and costs $59.95 < YourHead Online Store > Then, each stack (lower case s) is individually priced.

Think of each stack (lower case) as the Lego building blocks - menus, buttons, image holders, grids, forms, charts, viewers, etc., etc. All of these are coded and sold by a slew of different developers. And, all of them need Stacks (with the capital S) to function. You only need to buy one copy of YourHead’s Stacks at $59.95…and then you can pick and choose whatever stacks (the building blocks) you need for your web projects. I hope that helps.

You can find a good selection of stacks here, here, here and here (plus lots of other great developers - those are just four that come to mind quickly).

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My guess is that it sounds like you need to add your license key into Stacks.


Well, when RW told me to BUY STACKS, which I already had and installed it, the problem did NOT go away.
I went to my older iMac to see if I could use RW, and the message when opening my project is “Dev Prefs:: Dev Console Enabled:: Single Thread Updates Enabled”

Any resolution solutions?

I already responded to your other post.