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My Rapidweaver continues to force me to BUY STACKS, and I did, and the problem continues… I then purchased RapidWeaver again, just a few minutes ago, and when I opened my project, there is the message again BUY STACKS, why does this continue to happen, as I am UNABLE to Update my website, which is an urgent matter, which continues to grow.
I just purchased RapidWeaver again, and Stacks hoping that this issues would be resolved, well it isn’t and my nonprofit is suffering.
How to define this message "Dev Prefs:: Dev Console Enabled:: Single Thread Updates Enabled.

My guess is you need to register the Stacks plugin on your computer.

You can turn off the Dev Console option in the Stacks preferences. It is set to off by default.

I tried looking through my preference for Dev Console, and did NOT find it?

It’s in the Stacks preferences, located in the upper right, where it says “Preferences” in the image below:

You should have received a license number in the email once you purchased Stacks. I believe you need to copy/paste that license number when prompted. If you haven’t done so already then you may need to do the same for RapidWeaver.

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Well I did find it, and the banner Buy Stacks continues to appear.

I’m not sure what you mean by “I did find it”. Did you paste that license number where it should go?

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Well, I’m going to try to find my SN someplace in my zillion emails.

Being organized about these things is important. I highly suggest putting your RW license number and your Stacks license number in a secure document. For example, if you have a password app they can go there. Or simply in a new text document. But you want to have them easy to find (ditto for other licenses).


I’m terrible at remembering things and not much better at organizing important emails – so I made sure people like me would always have access to their serials, 24/7.

Just look it up in our database! It’s quick and easy. There’s a link to Serial Number Lookup on the bottom of every page of our site – so you always know where it is. And I made it a super easy to remember mnemonic URL too:

Click that and give the page your email address. The database will reply back to that email address any serial numbers associated with it. We keep records that go back about 10 years or so.

So if you can get to our site, and you know your own email address, then you’re all set.

But if you get really stuck, or don’t have access to the email address, or can’t figure out which one it is, then there’s a link to our support page. We can look things up for you manually too. Just make sure and send as much info as you have about the sale.



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