BWD Paragraph Pro Stack mobile query

Hi all, my site is here:

I’m trying out the BWD Paragraph Pro stack on this page, with the 3 columns of text below the header ’ How can an Orthotists help me?’ My question is, what setting do I need to tweak so that the 3 columns become 1 column when viewed on a mobile portrait? I just can’t seem to get it to work.

Any help much appreciated. :slight_smile:

By default, it will display 1 column below 480px, 2 columns from 480-640px and so on according to the settings in the screenshot below.

I suppose it depends on what you mean by mobile portrait in terms of pixel widths, this can vary quite a lot between devices.


Hi Andrew :slight_smile:
Ok I’ll keep the standard settings and worry about it if the client comes back to me.
Thank you for getting back to me.

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