BWD ParagraphPro DropCap in Foundry (solved)

This may be a question for @tav, though I’d be happy to hear anyones solution.

The ParagraphPro stack seems to recognize the Foundry Typeface stack as a font source - the DropCap child stack seems to only recognize FontPro font vaults. Note that I’m only going by what shows up in the settings here.

Is there a way to get the DropCap stack to use a Foundry typeface?


Yes, I will add it in the next update. It was an oversight when the classnames were added to the main stack previously.


Thanks very much for the quick reply!

It is done - check for updates to v.1.1.9


Thanks so much! I am happy! My client is happy! My dog is happy!


I’m not bothered about you or your client but if the dog is happy then I’m elated :wink:

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To be honest, my dog is always happy. :grin:

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Thats the main benefit of being a dog.

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