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Hi All

I am new to RW and bit desparate for help please!

I want to share games Apps (games) created using Bookwidget with children. Normally, I would use iframe in my web page but, this does not work effectively - keeps locking the screen (see iframe code give my the company).

So, I tried using direct URLs and this seems to be quick but, I dont know how to link URLs of the game on a list (hyperlink) i.e. when children click education games, another screen open to right/below with content displayed but links are still visible (games link below - please try for fun!) ttached - please try them). Every time I try the game covers the whole screen and I lose the menu bar and cant get to the links.

IFRAME CODE - screen locks up if you run more than one game:

I want create three URLs with display screen of game next to the links. so children can swap games as they like:

Game1, 2, 3:


Thanks in advance :))


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Do you mean including the links to the 3 games in your webpage navigation links, like where you would normally have your home, about us, contact links at the top of the page?

If so, then use an Offsite page type.

This is available in the ‘Add Page’ menu. Use one of these for each link:

Click onto your newly added Offsite page type. In the right-most tab of the Page Inspector, you can add the link you want to target:



So now instead of using iFrames, you can have the 3 links shown in you main page menu. Clicking or tapping on a link will take the user directly to that page.


Thanks for the suggestion. This partly works but, how do I made sure my theme, Nav Bar and header as on all the pages please?

Your method works perfect but, once in in the page game, you lose all navigation i.e. you can get to the second, third etc. games.

Any ideas?

Best regards

You might want to try the Offsite Stack by WeaversSpace?

Are you using the Stacks plugin for the other pages in your website?

Do you want these special game links to simply open in a new browser tab or window? Therefore your website remains open in the background.

Hi Willwood

Yes I am using normal stack for pages and I basically want to do what has been suggested above by Zeebe - ie embed the games into webpage stack thus, user can always see the menu bar i.e. I do not want to open new webpage per game.

Thanks in advance.


There are several great stacks that use iframe including Offsite by Joe Workman, and Embed by @willwood. However, one of the issues with iframe is that Safari blocks ALL cookies in that situation, which can render some sites within the iframe not functional. Testing it in Safari is very inportant.


Thanks for the very important inforation; I have to admit, I dont use Safari normally to test. I will from now on!

Best regards

In addition to what @RicardoR says, you also need to pay very careful attention to user privacy. Especially if your target audience is children.

iFrames and similar embeds are an open-door for third parties to monitor and track your website users.

That is part of the reason why I suggested it might be wiser to accept the fact the games are hosted by another website and manually link to them from a menu or other links.

You could have a popup / disclaimer telling users they are opening the game in a new window, and remind them that you are not responsible for the content of the target website:

This is something a stack like ActionHost could achieve for you in a few basic steps. I can walk you through the setup if you need help.



Wow, in my haste, I completely overlooked the fact about privacy, especially as I am making the site for children games.

I fully take on board your wise words and I will review how I approach. But, your suggestion does sound the best.

Thanks very much.

I have still lot to learn!

Best regards

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