Cache busting links in RW7

When RW7 appeared with the option for cache busting links it seemed like a good idea but if you are using CloudFlare and making regular updates it seems to be causing problems. What I’ve noticed is that the first time I visit a page after uploading changes it can be very slow loading taking maybe 30 seconds, but presumably it would be the same for others as well.

I’ve now switched off that option because I effectively want to control the cache through CloudFlare so updates are phased in gracefully with no loss of speed. I’m curious if anybody else has experienced issues with this option.

There’s an issue with the Autonomy Theme, CBL causes the banner images not to display, you have to switch it off before publishing. The CBL also doesn’t retain the ‘OFF’ status when you re-open the project, you need to switch it off every time just before you publish.

I’m using Foundation but the cache busting links cause headaches with CloudFlare. It doesn’t seem to be a problem on sites without CloudFlare. It sounds like there are other issues as well though from what you are saying.

@DaveFox Actually there is no issue with Autonomy Theme, it is working great with Cache busting enabled, you just have to update to the latest version and all will be fine :wink:


I have :slight_smile: (I reported it to RW during beta testing and then the developer who sent me the upgrade)

(Sorry Vitor, just realised who you are).

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