✅ Version 7.5.2 (18795) Updating Pages But Pages Are Note Showing The Changes on the Web

Hey group. After upgrading to 7.52 I am having a severe, universal problem. It’s pretty straightforward. No matter what is changed - copy, graphics, etc. - the resulting published pages do not render the changes. Flat out, end of story. This is killing a site that I’m making a lot of changes to right now.
All stacks have been updated. I have re-published all files to no avail. Is anyone else experiencing this or have suggestions to fix this thorny issue?

Have you checked your files on the server to make sure the files are actually getting uploaded? (published?) Use an ftp app and check the timestamps.

Did I ever have a DUH! moment :slight_smile: I publish the same changes to two different websites. I was publishing by default to the one I wasn’t checking. Changed sites. All is well. Sorry for the false alarm.

My DUH! moment is when I have a page flagged as a “Draft” and then I spend 20 minutes trying to figure out why RW keeps telling me No Changes to Publish when I just made a change (but didn’t uncheck Draft).

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Essentially running fast with scissors :wink:

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