Can anyone tell me what stack this is?

i am about to redo my website and i want to keep this stack
New Work
but i cant seem to remember what it is, its works great and i love the way it presents my images.
any info would be greatly appreciated.
thank you, stay safe

It is an old templateā€¦ Estiasis is the first RapidWeaver theme that contains an automatic grid photo album, powered by the Isotope script. Easy to use with the drag & drop interface of the Photo Album plugin. Link: Estiasis RapidWeaver Theme | RapidWeaver Community
or Archetypon Estiasis Theme

will it work with rapid weaver 8???

Yes, of course. It is currently offered by the developer. See my first link.

Yep isotope galleria script

Take a look at thisā€¦I used Elixier Graphics new Shutter stack.
This is just a sampleā€¦but lots of optionsā€¦
I used Weaver.Space Foundation (F1) just a blank theme.

This is the Estiasis Theme made by me :grinning:

Hereā€™s the product page: Archetypon

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