Serve Content based upon Browser

I am using Workman’s Offsite to publish a SWF program. This program works fine within the stack when published on Firefox but not on Safari (Curiously, the SWP program works when you open it in another Safari window - so I know Safari can handle the flash in certain situations). Currently, as a stop gap, I have a text located above the Offsite plugin that provides the user with a link if user is using Safari. Unfortunately that leaves a gaping 964x794 px hole in my page where the iframe is located.

Question: Is there a stack that, like Stacks4Stacks’ RottenApple, will permit me to show the Offsite data only on Non-Safari browsers like Firefox and Chrome (? I haven’t tested that browser yet) but if the Safari browser is identified will automatically open the SWP program in another tab and NOT open the Offsite stack? Could Pluskit be made to do the trick (and if so, how would you program it)?

Thanks for your recommendations.