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Hi everybody,
is it possible and how to embed a flash or swf file in my webpage please?

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Yes you can use HTML object tags to markup the embedded file, a bit like you would do for an image:

The example code to enter in RapidWeaver would be:

<object width="400" height="50" data="http://example.com/bookmark.swf"></object>

If you are using the Stacks plugin for RapidWeaver, then there are various free and paid stack elements that can do the same. Run a search for ‘RapidWeaver embed stack’ and see what you find.

Of note, SWF is considered rather antiquated nowadays. There are a growing list of web browsers and devices where it does not work. Personally I’d only consider using SWF in public-facing websites in extreme circumstances, as a temporary measure.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Will,
thanks, reading your comment is great, but when I try nothing works:

  1. first I’ve tried to put in a stack html
    < object width=“400” height=“300” data=“http://www.tmno.ch/resources/1.swf”>
  2. next http://www.tmno.ch/resources/1.swf in Joe Workman’s flash embed and responsive embed
    I should be happy if you can indicate what I do wrong.

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