Can I bring in IGTV (Instagram) videos to my RW page?

I am basing a site around an Instagram account I started. I would like to load several IGTV videos onto a page. I know about several video stacks that support YouTube or Vimeo but I was also wondering if there is also one for IGTV?

Sorry if there are people here who heard me bring this up on the Facebook group already. It’s just that I figured it would make more sense if I started a new post rather the piggyback on a post about general video formats. That didn’t occur to me until afterwards.

The problem with Instagram and the other social media sites is that they’re always changing the rules. So stack developers are reluctant, IMHO, to make stacks that rely on the APIs needed to import and display social media content.

I’d also suggest thinking again about creating a website around something that you cannot control. Instagram doesn’t want people viewing its content on other sites; they want them on Instagram where they can be tracked and advertised to.

Having said that, there does appear to be an option to embed IGTV videos on websites. Just do a Google search for “embed IGTV videos”.


Okay, I could also just post the same videos on YouTube to link them up, that would work too. I just built it around Instagram since it could do both video and photos. I plan on using this stack Video Stack Plus I may test out one video from each format to see how it works.

Have a look at the Limelight stack from BWD. I use it for displaying videos. It has a nice lightbox feature, and other options.

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Do you think there are significant advantages to using self-hosting a video over YouTube/Vimeo? My videos are small 2-3 minutes, standard def generally. Someone on RW forum suggested I use Swarmify for it’s advantages over YouTube. Maybe self-hosting has some of the same advantages?

If you can get the url to the I did I usual post, you can use my oEmbed stack. It works with normal Instagram posts. It would probably work with an igtv post as well.

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I’ll have to look into it, thanks!

Hi if you download the IGTV video and convert it to MP4 (iSkysoft Video Converter) then with the Stasck4Stacks “Player2” you can upload to your site , so you don’t need You Tube.
Hope this helps A

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Yes it does help. I was going back and forth between the pros and cons of YouTube vs uploading the video directly to the site. The problem I am having with the option of loading directly to my site is that I can’t see how to do that with the Video Plus Stack. I only see a place to copy the code in but not an option for selecting video straight off my page.

There are advantages to YouTube as well which I considered. Some people who watch my video page might want to check out the dozens of other clips on my YouTube channel so I might just go that route. Last night I put a fair amount of time getting a video stack working with YouTube so that is where I am going for the time being. Video Plus is also a really impressive stack! I love the way the video and text swoops in like that when clicking the play button. Very cool.

I use Play for self hosted videos, only one actually is self hosted ;-).
I tried hosting my own videos but found it easier to have them hosted on YouTube if they are longer or higher quality. And then I use Video Plus.

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Wow, Play is a really cool effect! I’ll have to find a way to use that some time! A lot of my videos for this site are standard def shorten clips but if I loaded some of my longer 4K video I would most likely use a video sharing service instead.

I also wonder about modern stack solutions for YouTube playlists? I did a search on these forums but only came up with a solution from four years ago. Do any of these video tools (other then that one mentioned) also let you upload playlists?

@KipV @joeworkman has a stack which will deal with YouTube and I believe the solution also works with playlists. Worthwhile to see if YouTube provides a playlist embed option themselves. I know Vimeo does provide a playlist embed option, but don’t know about YouTube.

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@KipV To my knowledge, no stacks allow you to upload video or playlists to YouTube. It’s only possible to upload content to YouTube though their own website or an approved app (like Screenflow).

The uTubeChannel stack presents a YouTube video channel playlist straight out of the box:

Alternatively the uTube stack has a subtle checkbox option marked Playlist. If you provide a comma-separated list of video IDs, then they will all play in succession:

This latter stack would allow you to custom create your own playlist in RapidWeaver, independent of anything you or someone else sets up on YouTube.


My Video Wall stack is very popular for importing YouTube and Vimeo playlists on your webpages.

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Oh yes, not to upload the videos themselves from within RW. I just need a stack that will let you take the playlist videos that have already been uploaded to YouTube/Vimeo and bring the link over to RW. That was what I was trying to say.

Great! I’ll look into it, thanks.

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