Rapidweaver 7 file location conundrum

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I have not used Rapidweaver since v4. Recently I upgraded to 7 as I’m now creating a new site. After upgrading, I notice I have RapidWeaver files (Themes/Stacks/Snippets/and various RWplugin folders) in both ~/Application Support/RapidWeaver and ~/Containers/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver/Data/Library/Application Support/Rapidweaver. In some instances there is a duplication of stacks and themes. Is the former location necessary, or can I simply send the RapidWeaver folder to the trash?

thanks for help/suggestions

(Doug Bennett) #2

If you’re still running the older version(s), you will need to leave them alone. Once you’re done with the older version, you can get rid of the older addons folder.
In RW7 you can also choose the location of the addons folder.

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Finished w v4. After I have migrated all relevant items into the Containers location, I’ll trash the RapidWeaver folder in ~/Library/Application Support. Yes, I saw the addons’ option in RW preferences. I’ll leave well enough alone. :wink:

Also noticed version 2.2.2 of RWmultitool cannot locate any themes even though they are in the Containers location… Is that because multitool is not compatible with RW v 7?

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