File locations RapidWeaver 7

After upgrading to v7 I decided to check all my themes were up to date. After updating one of theme it wasn’t showing updated in the project I was using it in. After some discussion with the author (Nick Cates) I eventually discovered I had two copies of the theme, one being the old one and the other the new. They were in different locations.

In ~/Library/Application Support/RapidWeaver I have themes and stacks etc

In ~/Library/Containers/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver/Data/Library/Application Support I appear to have the same.

Why do I have both? Which is correct and can I just delete the other?

Many thanks


The first one points to an installation of version 5 or older. When Apple changed their architecture of OSX and applications needed to be sandboxes the second place (containing “container”) was introduced for applications. Rapid weaver supports this from version 6 and further, so this is your directory to look for binaries related to RW7.

That is what I understood, but I am sure that if you want something to delete you have to select the first without “container” in the path… Or rename the directory and see what starts :wink:

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Thanks, I’ll have a play around.


@EricW is correct - ~/Library/Application Support/RapidWeaver was used in RapidWeaver 5, before Apple introduced their sandbox. If you’re no longer using RW5, and all of the addons and themes that you use are in RapidWeaver 7, you could delete this directory if you wanted to.

Now RapidWeaver is sandboxed, we use the second location to store addons, themes and preferences.

I’d recommend against playing around with the sandbox container in ~/Library/Containers/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver though - we’ve found that it you move it, rename it, or modify certain files, RapidWeaver won’t work correctly until you’ve done a full reboot. If you do decide to have a play, just be careful - and if you experience any odd behaviour, make sure to reboot your Mac before you do anything else :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ve moved the old folder out of the way but I don’t intend playing with the container.