Can I embed background music? And how?

I’ve been trying to embed a wav file to autoplay in the background (and then stop) but have been unable to. I get a 404 error. Here’s what I have:

I put the wav in the resources folder. I put the code on the html page. (With the correct name of the wav - not sample.) Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong? Or if I’m putting it in the wrong place? Thanks, all. (Using STEAM theme I purchased.)

ok… you didn’t ask and you’ll hate me for this but… I hate it when I go to a site and something autoplays. It’s bad enough having to kill the audio in autoplay video ads. I’ll be listening to a critical passage in the music I worked so hard to select and organize in my music player and then all this auto play audio overwhelms it.

You hate me now don’t you! :slight_smile:

I guess there are legit reasons/times for this… just be careful please…


First off I agree with Greg in that auto play shouldn’t be used, it will send your bounce rate through the roof. But a http 404 is a not found. Think you need a full directory path.


Well, it’s less than five seconds and doesn’t repeat, so I don’t expect a heavy bounce rate, but if it happens I’ll lose it. Anyway, not sure what the full directory path should be. Anyway, I think my code was truncated when I posted. Should be:

For some reason, the last two lines of code will not post! Not sure why.

The full path would be If your audiophile is in a subfolder it would be something like: with ‘audio-files’ being the name of the subfolder.

Even 5 seconds would make me leave your site.
You said you are using resource folder so select the resource (wav file one of the options is copy URL select that.
Then replace sample.wav in the embed statement with the paste you just copied.

Thanks! I’ll give it a try.