Can I overide a Themes generated HTML

I am a little disappointed with my Site at the moment, when the pages are initially loaded the screen is BLACK for several seconds, before the Site Wide Background picture is loaded !!!.

I have been trying to find out how to force the Site Wide Background picture to load FIRST. However being a relative newbie, who is simply using RW for FUN i am obviously finding it impossible to know what to do or where to look etc.

I have perhaps found “where” but i dont know what to put in there !.

I am of course talking about Page Inspector/HTML code/ where i have a choice of CSS/ JavaScript/ Prefix/ Header/ Body

My Background picture is in Resources, please can somebody suggest where i should put it and what ?



.bgstretcher{ background: url("files/stacks-image-506dde1-1198x960.jpg") !important; }

Give that a go in the global css section.

You can change the URL to wherever you are storing your background image.

@BrandonCorlett Hi i am not to sure i have the correct URL ???

background: url(“aysgarth.jpg”) !important;

the file is in the same folder as ALL the Site files ??
have i got the correct URL ??? i have the above CSS, in all the files.
BUT please is it possible for the Photograph to LOAD BEFORE the WHITE screen ?

Hi, your Image seems to be set to 300dpi and quite large. Try using JPEG mini or a similar software to reduce all image sizes before using them in RW:

@Fuellemann thanks for that suggestion, i had allready got the jpegmini App, have now used it on my photo and reduced it down to 211kb :slight_smile: from 267kb !

I did try to reduce the 300dpi down to 150dpi using Preview, but all it did was make the file use more kb’s !!!

However the picture does load quicker :slight_smile: thanks. Until i delete my Browser History :frowning:


Have you tried using “”?

@BrandonCorlett hi buddy, do you mean using the full URL in the CSS ?

I have just done that to all pages and re-published, it did make a little difference thanks, but not 100% better LOL