Can I rename the Folder page in General settings?

Hi there.

When using GoSquared - it sends me data on my site which seems to work well.

The difficulty for me is that it sends data on pages that mean nothing to me unless I look at the RW site on my Mac - which tells me which page was accessed… It looks like it is pulling the page viewed from whatever is in the “Folder” box.

What can I safely change so that the data coming back from GoSquared relates to a specific page such as :“Home” or “About Us” etc…? (see below)

I guess while I’m here - what is the “Browser Title” box for?



You can change your folder names. I would suggest keeping the names simple and not add spaces or special characters. Most people use an underscore _ for spaces.

And go ahead and use the browser title, too, for more descriptive names (and can have spaces, etc.)

Thanks for the information LaPan!