Joe Workman email stack issue

I’m revisiting my use of the JW Email stack having bought it around a year ago. I want to use it to generate Sendy - compatible emails.

Having taken a look at the JW tutorials I am stuck on the export process which Joe’s videos show as a simple cut and paste operation from an ‘Inlined email’ panel within RW. This inlined HTML is then pasted to make the Sendy template. This is where I am getting stuck.

My panels are different - I have ‘Email HTML’ & ‘Email CSS’ along with ‘Text Email’. I do not see ‘Inlined email’ as shown in Joe’s tutorial.

How can I get the ‘Inlined email’ panel to show please?

Using RW 8.7 on Mac OS 11.6.

Many thanks for any advice.

Use Email HTML panel.

What version of Sendy are you using? With version 4 and 5, After you click “add campaign” you should see the default styled text box with an option to switch to HTML. No options as you described.

I use versions 4 and 5. 5 being thr latest version.

Thanks. Using the ‘Email HTML’ panel means the CSS styling is lost.
I can manually edit the HTML & CSS to combine them before pasting into Sendy to work around the problem.
However, as mentioned, Joe’s video tutorial shows that it should be possible to have this combination process done within RW via the stack. That is what I am trying to do here.

Sendy is not the issue here. The problem lies with the creation of the inline HTML within RW. My description relates to what I am seeing in RW. That is what I am trying to resolve.

I’m lost then. I use Email daily, made two newsletters today for clients. I’ve used it since launch and I never seen an issue as you describe.

It sounds like the inliner stack isn’t working?

I’m out at the moment but if you send me a project I’ll be happy to open it up and see what happens this end.

In terms of Joe’s support, he has his own forum. Can’t recall the name but Google will know.

Are you adding the Email Stacks ‘Inliner’ stack before you preview in RW to get the Inlined Email Code?

I’m in the office now and did a quick Google for Joes Email videos, not sure which you have watched but this covers exactly what you need to do with Sendy, as Joe is using Sendy in the video.

Thanks. Yes I’m using the inliner stack. When I preview it looks like this.
Your screenshots match what I see in Joe’s tutorial ( ie the ‘Inlined Email’ panel shows ). You can see how mine differ. This is the nub of my issue. Everything else is fine.

I think that is a very old version of the inliner. Have you ran the updater?

Thanks. I’m hoping it’s a simple fix. If you can see my screenshot in the adjoining post you can see the exact problem. I will drop a line to Joe too.

See post above, I posted the same time you did!

Also, in the short term, you can use this page to turn the two blocks of code you have into something Sendy will work with.

Select one of the Email stacks in the library - what version do you see? v1.2.0 is the current version.

Using 1.2.0 which is current I believe.

Yep. Using 1.2.0 here.

Thanks. I have got a workaround along those lines but I am obviously hoping to get my RW+email stack working as it should!

I’ve never seen the type of inline window you are seeing. I wonder if you have included any non-Email stack stacks? Joe’s advice is that they ‘might’ work, but on the other hand might not.

Any chance you can upload your project file somewhere and post a link to download it here? That would make it really easy to see what is going on.

Failing that, you can zip the project file up and post it on the Weavers Space Community Site where many of Joe’s stack users reside.

I’m making a newsletter right now, and just fired in a load of none-Email stacks, and didn’t get that view for Inliner. I’m near positive that was what Inliner did right at the start. Then Joe quickly improved it, like within days.

Maybe my memory is playing tricks, but I think that although it says it’s the most recent version, it’s not.

Check in your addons folder that you only have one instance of Email.stack in there.

It could even be an old version of the Email theme?

You can download the current theme here: