Can No Longer SEE HYPERLINK info on an image

Hello all. In all previous editions of Rapidweaver, when you clicked on an image and then clicked on the HYPERLINK button, it would open the hyperlink dialog box and you can make adjustments to the link.

However, in Rapidweaver 8, if you click on an image that already has a link associated with it, you only get the option to UNLINK. This is really a pain in the butt!

If you want to see what code or what attributes you currently have, so that you can copy that code to another image, or make minor modifications to the code, it is not possible.

Does anybody know a way to go back to the OLD FUNCTIONALITY, where clicking on a link attached to an image just brings up the hyperlink dialog box?

You are talking about Stacks, I presume? I think @isaiah is working on that, but I am not sure about the current state.

Yes, whenever you click on an image stack.

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