Stacks 4.0.3 - Edit link to image

Hello, I have a problem concerning the images and the addition and especially the edition of a link.

1 - I have an image.

2 - I select it. The icon for adding a link appears.

3 - I can add a URL and validate my entry by closing the dialog box.

4 - Now, I would like to be able to consult the URL added to my image. So I click on the link icon (?).

5 - The icon changes appearance. The interface does not change and the previous dialog box does not appear and does not allow me to read the URL.

6 - I click again on the link icon: the dialog is empty of any previous entry! …

My question: how to just look at a link added to an image? … Merci.

I think when you go back and click the link icon after creating the link, you are actually breaking the link–which is why you then can’t read the URL–because you broke it.

Instead, just click on Mona Lisa once you’ve created the link, and you’ll be able to read the URL.

Thank you for your attention.

You write: “Instead, just click on Mona Lisa, you’ve created the link, and you’ll be able to read the URL.”

Unfortunately, no, it does not work.

Moreover, after having clicked or double-clicked on the image, then clicked on the link icon (which does nothing but be permutated), no dialog box appears! … And what is absolutely incomprehensible is that these changes should not be saved when we click on the button “Cancel”, bottom right! … Incomprehensible! …

Moreover, I still have not understood how this function works in RapidWeaver: once it works, once it does not work! … A disturbing flippancy! …

You are right - same thing happens to me - it doesn’t work.

However I’ve never noticed before as I always use a different image stack which lets you add a link (e.g. image stack as part of Foundation)

Do you have any other image stacks ? If not then I’m stuck!

This is an issue since the Stack4 upgrade. In earlier versions there was a Link and Unlink button and clicking on the Link button would show the dialog box including any previously entered links. Isaiah is aware of it and has promised a fix in 4.1

Fingers crossed.

Oops! … Thank you very much @adman17 for this valuable information and sorry for not knowing this bug … really very, very embarrassing! … :no_mouth:

No need to apologize. This threw me for a loop as well.

Plenty of other ways of achieving the same functionality - but I have a bunch of old sites that use this feature quite a bit so I’d love to see it restored.

Here is the Stacks 4 bug Tracker for this bug, if anyone wants to follow:

@adman17, you write: “Plenty of other ways of achieving the same functionality”.
Do you have examples on other possible means, I’m interested? … Thank you …

@teefers, thank you.

Simplest might be to use Joe Workman’s Link Stack. Just drop your image into the Link Stack and use that stack to point to wherever you want to go.

Or if you use the Big White Duck stacks you can always put your image inside a Sections Box which has an Add Link option.

Perfect, @adam17:wink:

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