Can PHP scripts be added to Foundry Framework?

I work with PHP exclusively and would like to try using Foundry for a new site. I searched for a similar post but drew a blank.

All comments are most welcome.


The one doesn’t have anything todo with the other. The answer is yes you’re able to do so.

I work only in the Foundry framework. All of my sites are PHP exclusively. So, in the words of Jannis: yes you’re able to do so. :wink:



If you are inserting PHP manually onto any page, Foundry or not, make sure you change the file extension to PHP from HTML in the page inspector.

This usually happens automatically if you put a premade stack on the page that needs PHP.

You can also set the default page extension to be PHP for the all-new pages in a project, but you need to do that for every new project, and you’ll still need to change the first page you create in the page inspector.


Thank you for the info.

Thank you for your comments.

I have looked at both Foundation and Foundry, but am leaning towards Foundry and will probably purchase it today. I am hoping it will not be too difficult to insert required PHP scripts into the webpages. I much prefer doing this in HTML manually, but will see how this all goes down.

You may be hearing back from me later on this. Ha!

Thanks again,

Your astute guidance has been duly bookmarked and pasted into my RW log book.

I am not new to RW - just AWOL for several years, so am familiar with what you have noted. However, I have never used RW for a secure, PHP site and after purchasing Foundry I will begin my latest website.

Thank you very much for your help,

will probably purchase it today.

Before you do, make sure that you are aware of the Source framework. I think you’ll like it…

Thanks for the info and link. I will indeed take a look at Source.

It’s not a big deal, I have some free stacks that could help you little bit, some condition stacks and a general PHP stack (they should work with every theme and framework, however, I am using Foundry):

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