Can RapidWeaver read Dreamweaver files?

I have just recently purchased a MacBook Pro. I have an existing web site that I designed in DreamWeaver for PC. Can I open and edit the existing DreamWeaver files in RapidWeaver?

Unfortunately not. Cheers

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No, as @instacks says, not possible. What would be very easy to do, if the page is published online, is to open the web page and grab content (maybe with an app called Site Sucker) and then do a lot of copying and pasting. Couple of hints:

  1. If you do not have it, get Stacks
  2. Be sure in system prefs that Smart Quotes is turned off first.
  3. When pasting ANY text into a RapidWeaver project file, hold down command+option+shift and push v to paste. This will match style of the content there.
  4. Also when copying and pasting text, be sure to highlight the pasted text, then go to the format menu and down to Ignore Formatting

This might not be as ideal as having RapidWeaver read your Dreamweaver file, but still should not take you that long to do.

Good luck!


Thank you so much for your input!!! This is very helpful!

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