Rapid weaver will not open html files created with Dreamweaver 6.0

Hi. I have upgraded my computer to a new iMac from a computer with OS X 10.5.8. The version of dreamweaver I was using will not work on this machine so I am trying to find a program that I can use to take its place. (Adobe now requires a $20 monthly subscription). I have downloaded the trial version of Rapidweaver but when I go to open the home page of my website all the html files are greyed out and will not open. This has happened on several other programs as well. Ideas appreciated


RapidWeaver does not open html files. It opens and saves in it’s own proprietary format with a .rw extension. It outputs html files, but there is no way to get an html file to open as a RW project. What you will probably have to do is to open a new RW project and then copy and past the text into the new project.


Not sure what you are trying to do but Rapidweaver doesn’t read HTML files. It is designed to help you build websites and then publish all the files required (including the html ones) to make your website operate. It has the capability to include pieces of HTML code in the site you build but that isn’t really it’s purpose. Whilst good coding skills will give you greater control over the site’s functionality it is really designed to shield you from that and let you build very good sites without going anywhere near the code. My html skills are basic and yet I can build the sites I need. If I get stuck - this community is great for giving a nudge in the right direction.

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Hmmm. Well, if this program will not open html it is useless to me. I have a large complicated website and cutting and pasting all those pages is not feasible. thanks. That must be the situation with other programs as well. Know any that will indeed open html files?

Not easy to find such a program, but you could try Pinegrow: http://pinegrow.com

Thanks for the pine grow suggestion. This may work. M