Can RW make a GOOD file-sharing interface?

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I’ve read threads here with similar topics and looked over the web, but would like to tap into your great collective wisdom directly.

Here’s the scenario in a nutshell: The semi-retirement business I’m envisioning has up to 100 clients (authors/researchers/clerical staff) and about 10 employees (editors/clerical staff). Clients leave raw manuscripts in their folders; I/staff pick them up, put them in editor’s folders; editors pick them up, do the work, and leave finished documents in their folders; I/staff pick up finished work, put in clients’ folders and notify them. Priorities: security, ease of use, and dependability. Very basic.

In RW, have not found a solution. Previously, used WeaverFM in a small group’s project; worked well, but now looks antiquated and isn’t even offered on Chillidog’s site. Looked over inStacks’ Repository and like its clean, intuitive interface (even if it doesn’t have a Japanese version), but wonder whether it can scale up to many users–perhaps it can when coupled with Sitelok. Am leaning toward Sitelok with its User Files plugin.

Don’t think this function requires a CMS since I’m only allowing clients to drop off and pick up files, not modify content. Environment I’m considering is Foundation+SSL.

In my current work, I’ve been satisfied with commercial cloud services like MS’s Global Share Point, NEC’s BigGlobe CloudStorage, and an IBM service we used a few years ago. But would like to save money and keep control over the interface/process, so thinking about RW and buying server space rather than paying large monthly bills from a cloud service.

Any ideas appreciated, and feel free to ask questions to clarify any vagueness in the above. My RW skill is probably about intermediate-level.

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I have a NextCloud server running on a Raspberry Pi. I have a 2TB drive plugged into it and can connect with my cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, my HostGator server (FTP), and Amazon Storage.

It would likely be a better solution to scale the way you are taking about. You could certainly build something from scratch with RapidWeaver but it’s going to be a lot more work.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #3

Yes, it can.

As stated, if you request a new language, let me know.

Working on a version update for late January, so maybe I can include some of your feature requests.

Cheers, Jannis

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It would seem to me that Repository may be a perfect solution for you when combined with Sitelok. The User Files plugin for Sitelok might help, even replace Repository. But I have the User Files plugin and have not used it yet! That’s because Repository is so easy to implement and works great with Sitelok.

The “theme” you use with your website is completely irrelevant when using Repository and Sitelok. The key, as you probably know, is that Repository essentially works with Sitelok via a single-sign on approach (SSO). So it’s possible to have a repository for all Authors, another for all Editors. Or, if really needed, a Repository for each single author, and each single Editor. It’s just setting up Sitelok so these are different groups. And, based on your descripton, staff would have access to all of the Sitelok/Repository groups.

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Thanks for the input guys. This project is a ways off, but want to have the setup ready when I need it. NextCloud looks like a solid outfit, and I’ve heard lots of good things about Sitelok. There are also several cloud services in Japan now, but they tend to be priced high for companies that expect service and maintenance agreements. Will check out the features of Repository’s update later this month.

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Who makes Repository?

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You can find out more here:

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I just acquired it and its great, a fast way for organising/linking your warehoused images/files. The sharing bit I still have to explore, and as yet I have no real need for cms, but I’m pleased with the efficient simplicity of it. I used transmit on iPad for moving things around, renaming, uploading and was so fast.
Thanks @instacks

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