Sharing Files Two Way With Security

I’m sure this has been beaten to death but a fresh post about it might be good.

I’m looking to create a way to have secure file sharing on my site with login/security.
Bottom line, I do audio work and would like to be able to create an audio file, send it to my website, client gets notificiation and ability to download it.
Bonus, if Client could also upload on their end (without RW) that would be great too.
But mostly me getting them the audio is what I’m looking for.
I’ve seen stuff in other posts mentioned about NextCloud and Repository stack.
Any other thoughts/options that would accomplish this?
Also, I’d want it so that one client can’t see or access another clien’ts files.
I have Armadillo stack but I’ve only really known it as a blogging platform but maybe I’m wrong there?

Repository is great! Any reason you are not thinking about using it? Will accomplish exactly what you want. Very easy for clients to use.


Checks all the boxes I mentioned?

Yes. Please see webpage about this for details. I use Repository in all my course websites. I need secure login, email notifications, easy uploads and downloads of files, and more. I’m using with about 30 students per course: and it works seamlessly for all of them.

I use Sitelok for login security with Repository, but it comes with it’s own security feature if you want to take advantage of it. @instacks the developer can give you more details if needed. Also check the Repository page:

and there is an additional feature in the future that you might want. The page is blank right now, but worth keeping an eye out for:

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See some of the key options in Repository 1. Repository 2 may look a bit different, I’m not sure. But I can’t imagine options being taken away. There will likely be new additional options. Also, if important to you, I’ve been able to set email notifications to more than 1 person. Very useful (probably in your case also).

As for max file size: that’s largely up to your provider and you. But I’ve been able to have students upload files of about 200 Mb max. (How much server space you have, and max uploads allowed by hosting provider are the limitations here … not Repository).


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