Password protected galleries

(Juergen Gerlach) #1

I’m looking for an add-on or solution to have password protected photo galleries, where people can download the images stored in that gallery.

Any help is appreciated.


(Oliver) #2

Hi @JGerlach,

Sitelok should do the job:

Sitelok itself (required):

Sitelok stacks (make working w/ sitelok in rw easier):

W/ sitelok you can also make different galleries for different users accessible.


(NeilUK) #3

Sitelok is a great product for creating membership and other solutions, and it would work in this case, but it might be overkill.

Page Safe could be an easier, cheaper solution.

(Gary) #4

You can use the free Pixieset service which has password configurable folders and just about every other option you could think of. It is a professional photo service but the first free level will do what you want. You can see it in action at where all the Galleries are handled by Pixieset

(Greg Schneck) #5

If you feel comfortable editing your htaccess file on your web server you can do this yourself.

Some web providers provide a control panel type tool to do this also. Check with your site provider.