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Hi Gurus

I need to build a password protected area of my website for a subscription service that will give people access to video and photographic content. I know there are many solutions out there, but I’m looking for advice as I’m not a programmers, and a photographer by trade. So the easier the better.

Please, though, don’t take this as an invitation to ask if I want you to run my website. As a photographer I don’t make huge amounts of money and most of it goes on supporting the charities I work with!!


There are several ways to do this and your final decision will ultimately depend on the details of what you need to do for your customers. I create course websites so I need to password protect areas of my websites all the time: sometimes letting the whole class in, sometimes letting only one student have access to a page. The product I use for this is Sitelok. It’s $40 (for your first domain, 50% for additional ones). The developer is a RW user, but the scripts he uses are essentially PHP scripts.

You don’t need to be a programmer, but you will need to FTP some files to your website, create a mySQL database, and do some copy/pasting of key code inside your RW project file. All very doable: even if it’s your first time.

More here:

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For what you’re looking for, this would be my first choice too. And, in fact, my only choice.

You mention that the site is a subscription service. Although the aforementioned Pagesafe stack is the easiest means of protecting a page - it doesn’t (to the best of my knowledge) allow for subscription services. Sitelok does - and handles it with unbelievable ease. Users are able to register on-line and you have the option of automatically granting access - or approving (or denying) access after reviewing. User IDs and passwords are automatically generated - and the user has the ability to recover or change the password down the road.

I have installed SItelok into quite a few sites - and have found it to be exceedingly easy to do. Even better - my clients LOVE IT.

Lastly - although the manual can be quite daunting - the owner of Sitelok has a very small manual designed specifically for installing it into Rapidweaver sites. Use this manual, instead of the huge one, and you should be up and running in no time. If you get stuck, reach out to Adrian - I’ve found him to be very, very receptive to working with me - and have heard similar accounts from lots of other Rw developers (his Sitelok site is built with Rw, too).

Questions? Let me know. I’m happy to help.



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I think Yuzool’s new widget is meant to be used in these circumstances I don’t have it and havent used it but may be a simpler solution for your needs…

I’ve never used SiteLok but have heard lots of rave reviews for that too…


Hi Simon,

I am the developer of Sitelok. Please feel free to contact me via if you have any questions and I will help you as much as I can.

Adrian Jones


Sitelok is great and I know Adrian offers top support too!

Members is really quick and easy to setup - no database setup needed - but it will only allow you to lock those pages for member sign up. You won’t be able to run a payment subscription through it.

For that functionality, Sitelok would work a treat!