ZipList 2 released

Quick, easy and elegant collapsible lists…

Hot on the heels of the big ZipBar update last week, this week we are pleased to unveil ZipList 2. This is a FREE update for existing users. Changes in this update include the following:

  • Rewritten much of the underlying Javascript code for better compatibility with RapidWeaver 7 and jQuery 3
  • New editing interface with emphasis on faster speed and easier setup
  • ZipList now supports an unlimited number of list items, and you can drag-and-drop items into any order
  • Reorganised the ZipList settings and added informational tooltips for each setting
  • More style and color settings for ZipList titles
  • Improved print and PDF output
  • New methods to trigger ZipList items via address bar hashes or custom links / buttons
  • Support for custom callbacks, for powerful interaction with other stacks or scripts inside ZipList

Getting the update
The change to the editing interface (required because the previous ‘repeats’ method is now deprecated in the Stacks API ) requires that you manually download and install the stack. ZipList 2 will install alongside older versions. This update will not show in Stacks. You can either download ZipList 2 from your Paddle Locker or get in contact (via email please) to request a coupon code. If the latter, remember to attach your purchase receipt or invoice as proof of purchase. :slight_smile:

What is ZipList?
If you are new to the idea of ZipList, then you might be questioning what the purpose of this stack is. ZipList can be best summarized as an extraordinarily minimalist accordion (toggle) effect. It’s perfect to use in instances where website users may want to toggle the display of blocks of content open and closed. A minimal number of customisable options ensure ZipList is fast and simple to get setup. This stack inherits most of its styling from your RapidWeaver theme (like text colors and font faces), so you are assured of an appearance consistent with the rest of your website. An introductory video has been published here and a free demo version is available for download too from the product page.

Learn more…

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Fantastic! I can’t believe the support you have given to these Seydeisgn stacks! Time to hunt out that proof of purchase…

Hey, this is an excellent video presentation. I understand what ZipList 2 does, some of the enhancements to the basic design, how to create them and already see some application apart from the video. Of course, questions come up but now is not the time. I really wish other designers would watch this video and modify their advertisements accordingly. Let the nubes like me see just how you did that. Again, excellent. I get it, the first time!

Very Nice… heading over to get mine now…

I have pledged myself to not purchase ANY stack in which the developer does not provide “Try Before you Buy” and good Documentation (compatibility issues, etc). With a nice video like this actually showing it’s use I don’t even have to try before I buy many times…

Yes, and there will be more updates coming for other stacks over the next couple of weeks too :wink:

That’s fantastic to hear - I’m really pleased to hear you like the new video format. I’ve tried to keep them less than 8 minutes and showcase some of the key features. We don’t fast-forward or skip any parts of the setup. So you can throw the video up to full-screen and watch the stack get configured - with the ability to pause or rewind any steps.

Totally understand. Me too. I never buy anything without trying a free version or sampler first. It’s a great opportunity to fully evaluate a stack and ask any pre-purchase questions.