Can ZipList 2 items be indented?

Hi fellow Weavers and @willwood,

I have a ZipList 2 stack in use at:

ZipList is a longtime favorite stack and I use it whenever it fits a situation. I would love to indent the individual ZipList items within this ZipList 2 stack. Is this possible using some CSS?


Are you wanting to indent everything or just some of the items?

If you want to indent everything why not just add some left padding to the parent zoplist stack?


Thanks for your input here @teefers, but I am only wanting to indent the individual ZipList items as shown in the attached screenshot.


Give this CSS a try:

.zipList dt {
    padding-left: 4rem;

change the padding amount to taste.

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You, my friend, are a genius and an all-around good human. It works!
Thank you,

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