Cannot add folders to Media Browser

(Simon Horn) #1

This was brought up some months ago, and there has been no response/explanation from anyone.

In Rapidweaver 7.3.3, on OSX 10.11.6, the Media Browser displays Photos automatically. However, I cannot add other folders.

Since I also still use iPhotos, the Media Browser is therefore useless.

Since this is definitely not a feature, for me it is a bug.

Why is it happening, and is there a workaround?


(Michael Hogan) #2

I will add my concern for this issue. I have a significant number of resources that I prefer to keep separate from my personal photos and other media, and to not be able to access them from directly within RW7, as advertised and expected, makes my user experience more cumbersome. Not an impossible situation, but if it’s being touted as a feature, then it is something that needs to work.

(Brian LaPan) #3

That should be fixed in our latest beta. Please give it a go and let us know.

This is a beta release of RapidWeaver, do not install this unless you are comfortable with using pre-release software. Please backup all of your project before using.