Cannot connect to FTP

I am using Rapidweaver version 7.5.7. When I am trying to publish the site I am getting the message “Cannot connect to server”. Please help.

That’s a very generic message. We’ll need a lot more information in-order to help.

  • Hosting Company
  • Screenshot of the publishing settings
  • What happens with the test button?
  • What happens with the Browse button?

Hosting through go daddy
When testing it says Cannot connect to server.
when browsing it says Failure when receiving data from peer
I tried doing publishing directly without testing but getting same issue

Have you been able to connect via FTP before using those settings?

That server name doesn’t look right to me for FTP? That looks like your web address rather than an ftp URL?

I found this helpful info via Google:

Server: The location where you will upload your website files. It should be in the form of an IP address, your domain name (e.g., or your domain name preceded by ftp. (e.g. Do not include ftp:// or http://. It is up to your web hosting company to assign your FTP server host name, so you will need to find out from them what it is.

Examples of valid server names

Examples of invalid server names

That usually means the credentials are bad.
Your server name looks bad. You can’t publish to a www address. Might need to start with ftp. instead of www. or am ip address.

I don’t know go daddy so check with them.

Omce you get the server name figured out try test again.

If that works then double check the pathname.

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