Cannot edit/save/delete bookmarks

running OS 10.11.6 w/32gb RAM. RW version 7.0.4 (17842). I cannot edit, delete or change any of my publishing bookmarks. If I open the BookMarks manager and even touch one of the bookmarks in the left-hand column, the whole program crashes. If I try to add a new bookmark (in the manager) I can fill out the form, I can test it, but the instant I try to close the manager’s window (in order to save it) the whole thing crashes.

From within RW, using the publishing setting (instead of invoking the bookmarks manager) trying to save any changes simply crashed the program.

In short, merely accessing the bookmarks to open or save, crashes the program.

I cannot find where the bookmarks are stored, nor where they are tracked, so I cannot deleted them all, and start all over again either.

I’d love to find a way around all this trouble, either fixing the issue, or starting all over from scratch. Either way, but I need my bookmarks to work again.

Suggestions GREATLY appreciated.

Found it. Corrupted database. I trashed it and reloaded it from my projects. Seems to have worked. In case anyone else runs across it, the file is here (as of OS 10.11.6; . RW version 7.0.4 (17842).)

~/Library/Containers/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver/Data/Library/Application Support/Rapidweaver/Bookmarks.db