RW can't save the current document

(Mark Spaulding) #1

Hi All,

I have a site that I have been working on for some time. It contains hundreds of stacks and the document has never had a problem.

Today, I got the following message: The document “vbsonline” could not be saved.

Any clue why?

Using the latest RW and S3.


(Isaiah Carew) #2

generally this happens when there is a bug. since s3 is so new, there’s a high probability that’s the culprit. but that messages obviously isn’t the full story and doesn’t give us much more of a clue as to what might be the matter.

are there any messages that are logged to the Console when you try to save?
did you add/update/change anything recently that might be a clue?

RW "could not save document"
(Mark Spaulding) #3

Hi Isaiah,

I updated the text field in one stack, when I noticed that RW was not saving.

Console keeps printing the following message:

8/29/15 14:55:29.509 RapidWeaver 6[1999]: failed to resolve bookmark with error: Error Domain=NSCocoaErrorDomain Code=256 “The file couldn’t be opened.” (Failed to retrieve app-scope key) UserInfo=0x7fc2100f7870 {NSDebugDescription=Failed to retrieve app-scope key}

When I duplicated that project rather than save, that seemed to work fine and save all the changes. I can open this new duplicated project and continue on. The original gives the same message even after a restart of RW.


(Mark Spaulding) #4


I restarted the Mac and opened the suspect project again. Deleted the stack I was working no and replaced with a new one.

The project saved this time!

Memory leak? I have been working on the same project for many hours today.


(Isaiah Carew) #5

if the file exhibits this behavior all the time I’d love ti see it.

if you could zip this file and your RW addons folder and send it in a private message on to me it would’ve very helpful in debugging this problem.

(Mark Spaulding) #6

Sure, will send it over.

Thanks Isaiah.


(Isaiah Carew) #7

Wonderful!!! Thank you so much!