Can not save web site software update

I am running a licensed copy of RapidWeaver v 8.6.2 on a iMac running OS 10.13.6. Today I opened the RapidWeaver application and updated a .pdf file in resources. I replaced the old file the with new one but now I cannot save my web site. Each time I click save from the file menu, RapidWeaver crashes. Any suggestions?

I am experiencing the same problem after just editing a page. Any update to your issue? I am dead in the water

Have you tried ‘Save As’ and giving it a new filename?

Yes, tried Save As. Tried opening and closing other files without issue. I was editing a stacks page with a Gridiron stack on it. Now I am messing with deleting some pages to try and get lucky

Could you find the master .rw project file, duplicate it then rename it and try opening that?

Did that first thing and then opened it and it won’t save either.

8.6.2 on mac 10.15.6. site crashing on save or publish or export (after export succeeds which is weird).

Tried save as, didn’t work

Opened different projects and saved with no problems

Tried updating some stacks, still no luck

Tried deleting random pages, including the one that I was working on when this first happened. Didn’t work

Dave, I moved it to a new topic to not steal this guys thread.

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It’s best not post the same question or issue on multiple posts:

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