Cannot even open up RW 4.4.2. (Mountain Lion)

Last month I could open up RW 4.4.2 and update my site. Today I can’t. Warning says requires 5.0b1. I’m always afraid of upgrades as something gets screwed up. I depend on iPhoto for the bulk of my site. I know I should upgrade to Sierra. I will lose all the titles and keywords from each photo migrating from iPhoto to Photos, but have figured a way to save the data, although painful.

So if I download 5.0b1, what are the consequences?

Thank you!

Hi, Benita,

Forgive me my lecture, but…

Sometimes it’s wise to skip one or two first minor updates to a major new version, especially when you work on an important project. But skipping more than 2 major version upgrades – that’s not what I would call wise. That’s asking for trouble. The more you skip, the more difficult the upgrading process gets. And hanging on to unsupported software, like iPhoto – that’s even more trouble.

If I were you, I would bite the bullet and get all the software up to date. Then, I would start reworking whatever website needs to be reworked. Loosing titles and keywords of each photo is a rather frivolous problem (unless you got hundreds or thousands of them and you absolutely need those titles and keywords).

BTW, you don’t have to upgrade your OS all the way to Sierra. For now, I think RW 7.x.x works best with ElCapitan (somebody, correct me if I’m wrong)…

Yikes!! Thanks for letting me know. I think I will devote a week to upgrading to El Capitan. I’ll need to upgrade my software (old Photoshop as well). Accchh. Then, as you suggest I will upgrade to RW 7.
Wish me luck and thanks again for getting me started.

Good luck, Benita. Make sure to read up on RealMac Software’s website about proper upgrading/updating procedures. And before you do anything, backup, backup, backup…

@harleypug I’ve noticed that as soon as Apple releases a new OS X version, they delete the previous release from the App store and make it very hard to find and download.

This link should work for El Cap:

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Thank you so much, thang. I’m devoting all week to upgrades.

Good luck with the update. I hope it’s smooth sailing.