Rapidweaver exception while exporting site

“Rapidweaver exception while exporting site: you have to use a banner but have not provided one. Try adding the site banner to the site setup area again”

This error has just occurred when I attempted to publish after editing a text box, but has never been shown before, and nothing has changed on my project regarding the banner. I’m using RW 7.5.5, the newest version of Stacks and Nick Cates Forward theme, which by the way doesn’t support adding a banner in the site setup area. I use the Teleport stack from Doobox, using the page sidebar to implement the Banner, which is the preferred way for this theme (via the side bar). This stack has been in use for over a year without an issue until today.

Any ideas?

Something changed. It was not Teleporter stack. It has not been updated in years. No need.

It does sound like a bit to much of a coincidence your using teleporter to manipulate the banner in some way, and this is the error message your getting.

I’d start by simply providing a banner in the project settings, and see what happens then.

Next step, I’d save a copy of the project under a different name to test with, and strip out the teleport stacks that your manipulating the banner with, see what happens there.

I’m interested in what way your using Teleporter though. So if you could give a bit more detail and maybe a screen shot of what your moving from where to where with the stack.

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Found the problem. The Forward theme packages assets/image file was missing the default image (fallback.jpg), which according to the element inspector it was looking for. I replaced the pic naming it the same, and presto… Issue fixed.

Thank you for your help.


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