Cannot find RapidCart Stacks...Cart, Product, Grid, Store in my Libary

I have purchased, downloaded, & registered RapidCart Pro. I wish to build custom product and store pages using Stacks. I cannot find the RapidCart Pro Stacks such as Cart, Product, Grid, and Store in my Library. I have gone through my downloads to see if I missed downloading something, I have read through the RapidCartPro manual “RapidCart Pro is designed to work with YourHead Stacks. In RapidCart Pro DMG image used for plugin installation you’ll find Cart, Grid, Product and Store stacks…”, I have updated/restarted Rapidweaver, and I have come up empty handed. I am building my website with Foundation stacks and I really wish to use the RapidCart Stacks to build my custom pages.

Any ideas, suggestions, or helpful hints as to where and how I can find/access these RapidCart Pro stacks? I have purchased & registered RapidCart Pro. I just got to figure out a way to get them into my Library. Any help on this topic would be much appreciated!

The RCP stacks have been previously been in the “extras” folder in the RCP .DMG along with some other extras like a demo project, etc. Not sure if that’s still the case but I would guess that’s where they are.

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I think I had to download them separately, but can’t remember 100%. Anyway, you can get them here by clicking “demo”.

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Thank you both for your suggestions. By following both of your suggestions, I was able to get all 4 RapidCart Pro stacks successfully into my Stacks Library. Thank you again!