RapidCart Pro assistance please

I have literally accomplished absolutely nothing, zero, nada in an honest 100 hours of learning and attempting to publish my RapidCart project.


Im missing something and am desperate for a push in the right direction.
All I need is one session with anyone who knows how to properly build a RapidCart Pro project.

I only have one single digital download file to present and sell on a one page website.

I an sooooo close and somehow even more lost.

I understand and have full working knowledge of the Amazon AWS and PayPal API environments…

I need to understand the structure of the directories when building a STACKS / RapidCart environment.

Where does the “STORE” go?
Where does the “CART” go?
Where do I build a "PRODUCT page?

I cannot possibly try any more combinations… I just need quick, clear direction and Ill be off and running.

Kindest regards

Have you downloaded the RCP demo project file? https://4gnd.com/rapidcartpro/ Scroll down the page for the project file download link. It will help you figure out how to set up RCP and answer your questions about the store, cart and product page(s). That and the manual should get you up and running. RCP support is also very helpful.

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Hey Thang!
Thanks for jumping in…

Yes, I have all those resources. I dont have the related theme though… Hmmm…

So what Im hoping for is to meet someone here who understands the plugin and can answer some questions that are not clearly described in the resources that came with RCP.

A lot of the forum content Im finding is for their earlier products rapid cart and rapid link.

Im certain that I only need a mentor for one afternoon and I will be back on track.

RCP support has been in touch (I am a happy customer for sure) but the time zone difference has kept me sort of on my own. I keep hammering on my project and testing / changing it so that by the time RCP support sees my links, the pages have most likely changed… (for the worse :slight_smile:

Im calling out for a one on one with someone who gets it and will stay close for a few emails…

I want to call a simple RapidCart Pro plugin page into a stacks, foundation, sections, magicgellan page.

I have tried for an embarrassingly long time to get this done.
I am so foolishly twisted up that I have completely lost focus on even the simplest of things.

I have started to suspect my recent RW7 upgrade…
I have recently upgraded every other element in my project as well…
all the JoeWorkman stuff has fresh versions
all the BWD elements offered new versions…
I was just inundated with new Mac OS to run RW7… I am all set up and now…

I only receive errors and am in need of a friend… for a quick one on one.

Any takers?

It might help to know what is not working.

I use RCP with RW&, foundation and the latest versions of everything, Mac OS included. I use Amazon AWS and PayPal, and offer digital downloads and hard copies of my CDs. http://www.maxfrankmusic.com

The settings can be complex, but it definitely works. At what stage of the game is it failing you?. What errors are you seeing?

I found the team at RCP to be helpful in setting up my store when I hit a glitch.

One thought, based on your email: You can create a PRODUCT, CART and STORE pages, or you can let RCP create them for you on the fly. I use a combination. The problem with letting RCP create the pages is that to do that in Foundation you need to either use PlusKit, or use another theme for the RCP created pages (that is what I opted to do; there may be other options as well)

Maybe try a new project and only open a Rapid Cart Pro page. Fill in the details, create your product and see if that works. It should be quick and easy for one product.

Using the RCP stacks is a bit more complex, but not too much, and powerful if you understand stacks. They allow for more flexibility, and I include them in various spots on my website.

Terry Vosbein

Terry, wow, great site and amazing music love your style

Your note definitely rang a couple of bells that will help me in my new experiments to get this going

I’ll keep you posted and if I may, I’ll share links to my project.

The things that aren’t working are

I can’t view products I get a 404 error the directory cannot be found

When I click add to cart there are no totals or items updated or added to the cart

I have had some working success four or five days ago but I have since scrambled things in such a hilarious way that I just don’t know how to untangle the spaghetti so I keep starting over and ultimately making the same mistakes

Thanks for the encouragement, I’ll be back on the forum with questions and updates ASAP

Thanks for the kind words.

Here is something that I stumbled over in setting up my site:

Make sure your settings in SETTINGS>GENERAL>WEB ADDRESS and SETTINGS>PUBLISHING>PATH are in agreement with one another.

I had trouble with this, as one had the www prefix, and one didn’t. Using the www prefix in all places fixed my problem (when I clicked add to cart, nothing was added, like you)


Hi Sir,

Q: when I make any changes to the “Cart” plugin page, I find that I have to

1, mark all pages and resources as changed
and then …
2, republish all files

is this normal?

your input put me right on track. Im humming now.

@Steve-O This is due to a RapidWeaver 7 problem that Realmac Software is going to fix in next updates.