Rapidcart 4 placement of stacks

I hope someone can give me some help with Rapidcart 4.

Im using rapidwever v7 and foundation. I have place the store stack on the home page.

The shop page then has 1 page as a child where I have placed the product stack.

In the shop I have pointed the Store stacks URL to the homepage.

Nothing seems to work. I get this error ‘The requested URL /02_Goods/rapidcartpro/index.php was not found on this server.’ www.redivivus.co /test which is the home page.

Question is -

Does it matter where the store stack goes.
Does it matter where shop page goes.
And where should I be pointing the ‘stacks store URL’ to the home page?

Be very grateful for some assistance or being pointed to a video if one exists.

I’m in the very early stages of incorporating my first RapictCart 4 store into a Foundation and RW7 site. From my understanding, the stacks store URL needs to point to the page where the store is (not the home page). So, in your case, it would be to the ‘…/shop’ page

In the case of Foundation, I think you just place the store stack and that is it. Any customizations/klayouts would be done in the settings of the actual Rapidcart plugin.

I believe the other rapidcart stacks are meant for stacks pages that use a theme (instead of a framework like foundation). Like I said, I’m still brand new to Rapidcart.

What wrote @jabostick is correct.
RapidCart Pro Store stack is used to embed entire RapidCart Pro store into a stacks page.
It works with any themes, not just Foundation.

But, as noted, Foundations is basically a stacks-based theme, so RCP Store stack is required.

Hi All - still trying, I can’t get the items to load into the cart @rob, Im sure its something very simple but any help would be appreciated. You can see the test here http://www.redivivus.co/test/shop/



I can’t tell for sure from you’re site but are you still using the various RCP stacks (i.e. the Product stack, Cart stack, Grid stack)? I think with Foundation you need to only place the ‘Store’ stack on the page and that is it.

Hi @rob

Please can I have some clarity.

Rapid cart 4 comes with Rapidcart Pro stack

In addition it also has 1. Cart, 2. Grid, 3. Product, 4. Store

As I said before I’m using Foundation by @joeworkman. I have placed the Rapidcart Pro stack in the site. Then I have created a page called SHOP and placed Cart, Grid and product on this page and the HOME page. I have not used the Store stack.

The site is here http://www.redivivus.co/test/shop/

I can not get the cart to work so I am doing something wrong.

So to clarify you obviously need to use Rapidcart Pro stack but do you need to use Store stack as well.

Sorry for being stupid but this is driving me nuts.

Thank you in anticipation.

@jabostick @guywoodland

Please read RapidCart pro stacks documentation at https://tls.4gnd.com/rw/rapidcartpro/manual/#stacks.

All four stacks are RapidCart Pro stacks.

  • Store stack is used to embed (import) entire RapidCart Pro into a Stacks page.
    Inside your stacks page you’ll see Catalog, Cart and all product pages automatically created by RapidCart Pro.
    This is like importing RapidCart Pro page inside your Stacks page with PlusKit import(()) functionality but it’s required due to high complexity of RapidCart Pro code. PlusKit can’t be used.
    In order to do so, just drag and drop RCP store stack into your Stacks page and set new store URL in Customization > Settings > General > Stacks Store URL field.
  • Cart and Grid stacks let you embed some RapidCart Pro functionalities into your Stacks pages: the cart and a selected grid of products, for example a simple 4-product showcase in your home page.
  • Product stack with all its different types (gallery, versions, tags/categories, social, description and rating) lets you compose a completely customized product page with Stacks instead of using automatic pages created by RapidCart Pro.
    If you want to create a custom product page, just compose the page with all or some Products types and tell RapidCart Pro that product page is the one you created, not the one automatically created by setting a Page URL in product settings.
    Keep in mind that the only type required for a product page to work is actually the Versions part that displays Add to Cart button for each of your product versions.

So, if you want to use RapidCart Pro inside your Foundation project, just use Store stack and properly set new store URL as in our Demo Store project you find inside install DMG.

If you want to create custom product pages because layout automatically created by RapidCart pro doesn’t fit your need, use Product stack (and all its types) and tell RapidCart Pro that your new product page is the one you have created.

In addition, if you want to show cart button in some Stacks pages, just use Cart stack.
Or for a selected products showcase just use Grid stack.


Thanks @rob I’ve definitely been through your manual a few times, it just takes a bit of trial and error for me. I couldn’t get things to work in my project (Foundation, 1-page scrolling site) unless I used the Store stack on its own. I think I was misusing the Product stack though. [quote=“guywoodland, post:6, topic:7922”]
Rapid cart 4 comes with Rapidcart Pro stack

In addition it also has 1. Cart, 2. Grid, 3. Product, 4. Store

And @guywoodland I know this is just semantics for some but RapicCart Pro is the plugin, and it comes with 4 stacks that allow you to embed plugin functionality into your Stacks pages.

@rob Ok I think the penny has dropped.

You have to have the Rapid cart Pro plugin on the site.

You then create a stacks page where you can use the rapid cart stacks but you must have on that page the store stack and you must tell the plugin where this is located?

Although in the demo the store stack is on the home page not on the product page - does this make a difference?

Of course, RapidCart Pro plugin is required.
Companion stacks are optional.
You can create your store with just the plugin without the need of Stacks.
But the use of RCP stacks is highly suggested in particular cases, like with Foundation theme.

Yes, otherwise all automatic redirections the plugin create would point to the plugin page, not the stacks page.

Home page is the one that contains the Store stack.
We use home page just to have the full catalog displayed in home page, but it can be any pages in any subfolders.

Product page is a sample custom product page made with Product stacks.
You see that “Add to Cart” buttons are below the gallery, not at bottom as in default product pages.
We have created the page as you are used to using Stacks and then we have told RapidCart Pro plugin that the corresponding product must point to this page and not the automatic page created by the plugin.

All other product pages, like Nike Dunk Ultra Modern or Nike Element, are default product pages.

Thank you Rob - think Im nearly there. Cart is working although I need to sort out padding ect but am getting this error

Connection failed: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known

which you can see here http://www.redivivus.co/test/03_Shop/?cart/overview - any further advice?



Please make sure server address you have set in Customization > Settings > Database is correct.

Hi Rob

Will get the licence tomorrow as I think its pretty much working now. Only 1 bug and this may not be your stack but if you could look here http://www.redivivus.co/test/03_Shop/?product/page/3201/Shakespear when you click on the image the logo on the top of the page expands to full screen.

Just wonder if you have any ideas or maybe the problem is a foundation one.

Sorry but I don’t see the logo you are referring to.

How do I set the product to point to the page and not the automatic page created by the plugin?
thanks, Lisa

“We have created the page as you are used to using Stacks and then we have told RapidCart Pro plugin that the corresponding product must point to this page and not the automatic page created by the plugin.”

“Set a Page URL if you prefer to use a custom page for the product, otherwise leave this field blank. This can be useful if you’re going to build a custom product page using RapidCart Pro stacks and use it instead of default one.”


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thank you. That helped. So for each product, if I want to do this with stacks, I set up a stacks page and point my url to that product’s stack page?

That seems correct. Use this field to URL for your custom built product page.

Is Rapidcart fully supported on Rapidweaver 7?