Rapidpro 4 stacks

Hi There
Does anyone know hot to use the Rapidcart pro stacks? The information provided in how to use is not great really.
Can anyone help because i want to set up a gallery of products, where i can different products on one stack page and then people can click on the product and be taken to that product page

Yes, as far as I can tell from your description you can do what you are asking. You still need to have a configured Rapidcart Pro page on your site, but you can disable this in your navigation so it doesn’t show up and create your own product pages in stacks.

You then drop a Rapidcart Product Stack on to your page, it only has 3 settings:

  1. “Show Product” choose “Fixed”
  2. “Product ID”: xxx (where xxx is the ID number at the top right of the RapidcartPro page when you have Products > General Selected for the product you want to have on your stacks page.
  3. “Part” choose “Box”

Finally, publish your site, nothing will show up in preview.

If your struggling I think Ryan at Rapidweaver Classrooms has done a group of tutorials on Rapicart Pro.



Thanks a lot i will have another go at it

RapidCart Pro Stacks documentation is available here.


In addition, you can download our Demo Project that will show you how to use all RCP stacks.


Published result is available here.


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Thanks a lot, i have read the stacks documentation but for me its not clear but i will try again.