Crashing issues

My rapidweaver crashes each time I try to republish one of my sites. I had to completely rebuild this site due to missing stacks when I was handed over the file. So I go to publish it, it exports and then just starts to upload and RW shuts down.
When I re-open it, it doesn’t say ‘something went wrong’.
I initially thought it was a software issue, however I just re-published 2 of my other sites without this happening.
I went to my server and deleted the old files for thinking that may help.
Still same problem. Is there anything I could have possibly done to mess up my site that it won’t publish?
Cheers Lisa

Hi Lisa, I don’t know the answer to this problem, but as a matter of caution, I would never delete old files on my site until I’ve finished validating their replacements as fine.

To stop files and folders being overwritten or contributing to the problem, I just rename them, maybe add “-old” to the file/folder name and then you still have them as backup if needed…

This doesn’t fix your RW crash but to get up and running can you Export entire site to Local Folder (local disk) and then upload with an ftp app?

You didn’t give any versions or Op Sys version so this is just a “best Guess”

it sounds like you have a plug-in issue

what plug-in’s do you have installed? Try removing any plug-in’s and see if it will publish without crash. then you can add them back one at a time until you find the problem.

Thanks everyone, I had a multitude of problems, and after a good sleep managed to work through them. Thank you to each of you, your information helped my learning curb. Cheers

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