Cannot publish site

(Jane Harrison) #1

Been trying to publish site for hours. Read forum and tried the newer 6.3.4 - nothing. Get a message that the server address cant be verified - did online chat with host then phone call with host - i have the right server: I was using the trial so I purchased - still nothing

protocol: SFTP
user: jimone
path: /

(Mark Sealey) #2

Try leaving the path completely blank… no ‘/’

(Jane Harrison) #3

I tried that and no luck - so I manually uploaded on the host (dreamhost) ftp site nad now the files are jsut sitting there and will not upload to the internet

(Rob D) #4

path: /public_html

(divinus) #5

don’t type any http:// or www

(Brad Halstead) #6


Seems like DreamHost has a wonderful WIKI site for such queries by doing a simple search I found this

So you should probably try the publishing path as /home/siteusername as per the instructions on that page :slight_smile:

Also, SFTP port is 22

so this should be your result
protocol: SFTP
user: jimone
path: /home/jimone



I’ve been using Dreamhost with RW for ten years. I have some hazy memory of it not always working with SFTP. Have you tried using regular FTP settings for uploading? That’s what I currently use.

As far as settings:
Server: “yourdomain” (do not use anything else other than the name of your domain)
Path: “/yourdomain/desired directory” (nothing but the forward slash before the domain name)