Cannot read website created in old rw version in latest rw version

(Ray Dencer) #1

My original website was created in an old version of rw eve trying worked well in updating site until computer is was updated (now Mac os11.11) site will not update. Purchased new rw tried to use old files but new rw cannot “see” text, photos etc to be able to update pages. Looking for suggestions to solve the problem

(Isaiah Carew) #2

it would probably help folks trying to answer this if you provided a few more details about the problem:

  • What version of RapidWeaver created the files?
  • What version of RapidWeaver are you using now?
  • What is the file extension of the file you’re trying to open?
  • If you drag that file onto the RapidWeaver icon what happens exactly? Anything? An error? What is the error message?

(system) #3

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