Migrating from Rapidweaver 5.3.2 to Rapidweaver 8.0.3

My mac crashed and I needed to reinstall it completely. It is now running OS High Sierra 10.13.6.

My Rapidweaver 5.3.2 stopped working completely with the OS so I just purchased new version 8.0.3.

I am trying to open the .rwsw files with my new app and I get an error message:

Documents edited by RapidWeaver 8 are incompatible with older versions of RapidWeaver. Would you like to upgrade this document? Your existing document will not be overwritten.

After that it claims to be loading the site. A .rw8 file is created on my hard drive. After that nothing happens. Trying to open the new file does not work. I am stuck and now have several web sites that do not work. What to do?

You’re probably going to have to follow the steps outlined in this help article to get to a RW7 format first.

It’s a bit of a hassle but you are having to jump over two releases.

You can also find any intermediate releases here

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Thank you so much for this help. I was able to open two of my old sites using this method.

Three sites can not be opened with RapidWeaver 5 version mentioned in you solution. The response is The document “name.rwsw” could not be opened.

Some of the stacks I had in Rapidweaver 5 are not available for download anymore. Is there a way to download my site from live internet site and rebuild it that way?

No unfortunately there’s no automated way. You would have to copy and paste from the live site.

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Don’t you have backups? Each version of RW has a unique location for housing the add-ons. Do you not have any kind of backups you could grab the old stacks from? Time Machine maybe? The stacks may not be supported in RW8 but you could at least open the project perhaps???


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