Cannot save Foundation Page


I am developing a new page for my school

Old: (Using SeyDesign Themes)

New: (Using Joe Workman Foundation)

I am not new to Foundation, as I have a working page up and running ( )

I imitated the menu Joe Woman uses in his demo project by using offsite pages. Problem is, starting TODAY every time I add a new offsite page (I can add an stacks page NO PROB) RapidWeaver hangs EVERY TIME I save.

It’s 100% reproduce-able as it occurs everytime. I have even tried to make a copy and test with the copy ----> same thing.

I could provide the RW file, it is 100+ Mb

I could get rid of those fancy menus, but they do look good…

What version RW?
Does the offsite page have a URL?
Known bug for RW 7.2 fixed in beta for 7.3.
Try a pond sign # in URL field if you don’t have a URL to link. Seems to only happen with blank URL.

Yes thx, already Sussed it out, offsite page needed the http:// that it had in previous versions. Thx!

Fernando Semprun