Solved: RapidWeaver 8 always wants to be activated

Hi there,

I just upgraded to RW 8 under macOS Mojave.

Every time I start the app, it wants to activate the license again and again.
Once activated, it runs normally, but if I quit the app, it does not remember the license data on the next start.

I read about the same issue with RW7 in the forum here.

Is there meanwhile a solution for this issue ?

Thank you very much,

Some additional information:

  • RW is running on an iMac with Ethernet enabled and WiFi disabled
  • Disabling Little Snitch had no effect.
  • Cleaning the installation with AppCleaner and reinstalling RW had no effect.

– Harald

Did you see this post?

Would bet it’s a firewall (like little snitch) issue.

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You won the bet :slight_smile: Thank you very much, for the hint.

Here the solution:

  • Little Snitch was running in “Silent Mode”.
  • I disabled Little Snitch without any effect.
  • Then I enabled it and switched to “Warn Mode”

After this the license was recognized immediately.

Looks like a bug in Little Snitch …

– Harald


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