Can't change Publishing Folder, so can't publish

Well, I just had something come up that I think just appeared when I upgraded to 7.1.7

I have been able to publish my site to a local folder. Been doing it for weeks.

Now all of a sudden, I get an error that says “The publishing destination is incorrectly configured. Please update the publishing destination settings and try again.”

Well, I go into the publishing settings, set for Local Folder, click on “Choose Folder”, select the folder I want, and the location does not show up in the settings.

So, due to this I can’t Publish or Export my site.

Anyone know what is causing this issue? Is it the 7.1.7 upgrade?

Anyone know of a work around?

I need to get the site exported/published. It is down until this is fixed.


Ok, so I just tried RW 7.1.5 and 7.1.6 and I get the same issue.

So, I’m guessing it is an issue with the file or RW prefs?

Any idea where to look?


Well, I got it working.

I restarted my computer and now everything is working fine.