Publishing Issue - Please Help

Hi to all,

I am experiencing an issue when trying to publish my site to a local folder on my desk-top. It occurs with current project and also when I create a new “test” project (any theme).

Untitled destination
Publishing Method > Local Folder
Destination >blah…blah/Desktop/New
Website Address > leave blank

When I go to publish I always get this pop-up

" The website address is incorrectly configured Please update the website address and try again"

NOTHING works. Closing and opening, rebooting MBP, etc…

*Edited to say that I just did a sample site in RW7 and had no issue saving to local folder > though it did ask me for the address website.

MacOS 10.14.6
Rapidweaver 8.6
Stacks 3.6.9

I’m living in isolation (as we all are) and have time to do a new site but cannot get past this error

What’s a boy to do?

All help appreciated,



Try going to General in settings and typing in any web address there - and then publish locally again.

Thanks. I did do that and it worked!

Glad to be of help.

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