Can't Edit Site After Computer Change


With a dying MacBook Pro, I had to move my site (zipped) over to an iMac. I’ve installed RapidWeaver and every stack / plug in and updated everything (this mirrors the machine it was made on) and the website opens fine, but all the images are gone. So I thought I’d add them back in, but this is where I’m hitting a brick wall.

I hit a browse button to redo an image, I browse, preview shows me the image but then I hit the open button and the image simply doesn’t get inserted. I’ve tried SuperHero, RoundThing… I-ve just added a Basic Image stack and I drag an image, but it flies right back. File perms on the project file are Read/Write…

This is four weeks’ work set for launch this coming weekend. Anybody got any bright ideas?

Thanks in advance,


Never mind - it appears I was working from a backup which had been done by ChronoSync (and doesn’t function properly). The unzipped backup file is fine.