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I use Foundry. It’s footer is a footer, but is oh so basic…only copyright and contact me. I want to put a link to privacy statement, other things… surely there must be a stack available for footers… but I looked online for some time, and only found footer zero, which I didn’t investigate simply because it says on Google that it fades in after some scrolling… I just want a footer as in you dont see it unless you scroll to the bottom of the page… am I dumb, or… Is there a lack of footer stacks out there… I saw mention of a Workman stack, but I dont use Foundation… I saw the ad for the code generator footer, but I’d rather just have a standard stack, drop in text stacks, etc… does one not connected to a framework exist?

Just build your own footer using any stacks you have. It’s just another section of your page and can be designed to look any way you want.

Since you’re using Foundry, start with a default Stacks 1 column stack (the one that comes with Stacks with the black icon). Then use the Foundry stacks (column, grid, etc.) to layout the footer in anyway you want. Finally, make a partial of the 1 column stack and use that on all of your pages.

I use the default 1 column stack from YourHead, since it is simple and very light-weight. It allows you to have a single outer container to make your partial from.

The Founder Footer stack is just there for users who want to pull in the information from the RW settings. I never use it; I just layout my own footers and add .


You can roll your own, if you want the information that is in the setup info in RW and appears in many themes (designer, contact email etc.) add this text to it:

Nick Cates also recently launched a free for basics/subscribe for extras online service specifically for building a more interesting footer. Will find the address and add later.

Here’s the link for the introduction of Footer Pro that Nick put on the forum.

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@pmjd Funny, simplest thing… I never thought of having a footer that is just made of regular stacks, and that you just PUT at the bottom of your pages as a section, a partial… I was HUNG UP on the fact that it has to STICK to the bottom… but in fact that doesn’t matter, what matters is that it’s last in the line up of things placed… so excellent of a simple solution… and I like %footer%… do you know of any other keywords like that that do other things… like pull in the current date… there’s probably a bunch of such keywords.

The %footer% is one of several Theme developer variables, documentation can be found in the theme SDK.
I’m not sure if this is up to date:

Many of them are found in the RW 4 book Appendix about page 77. The newer ones are in the release notes I believe.

Thanks for the mention Paul :+1:

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