Can't load local image

(Jonathan Ashwell) #1

I’m using a RW HTML page. I want to show a graphic as a button. This is the script

<a href="">
<img src="files/orderbtn.gif" alt="Purchase" >

But the image won’t load. When I open the page source in Safari I see this error

“Not allowed to load local resource: file:///files/orderbtn.gif”

There are many graphics in the same folder (files/) that were uploaded by RW Styled Text pages, and they of course are displayed.

What is RW doing that I’m not to get the image to load? This is a secure page, btw.


(Stuart Marshall) #2

If you put a forward slash before “files” it should work. I.e.

<img src="/files/orderbtn.gif" alt="Purchase" >

(Jonathan Ashwell) #3

Thanks, but that doesn’t work, either. Nor does the full URL.

(Doug Bennett) #4

Without a URL it’s hard to say.

(system) #5

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